Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Just Mind Over Matter, Right?

I know it's been a few days since I've written, I've literally been exhausted in every way possible.  Physically because of my leg and now that I have a cane my shoulder hurts.  Doing the smallest chore takes massive energy that leaves me tired. I have such a deep appreciation for people who live with chronic pain.

I took Friday off work, I slept a lot; actually I slept the better part of the weekend.  I have no energy, I'm forcing myself out to work this week and Christmas shopping. The rest of the time I plan to relax as much as possible. I've not also just been physically exhausted, I'm emotionally exhausted as well.

This year has been tough, especially this last month.  I think I just need to have some me time where I can think some things through.  I'm supposed to get surgery early next year, I plan to write a lot then, I'll be held captive in my house for about two months. Lots of time for me to think and work things through.

Until then I'll be writing as much as possible.  I have so much reading to get caught up on, I miss everyone's blogs. I also have David to worry about, he's going back in for surgery in early January, until then he has a blood clot in his stomach.  I just don't know how I'm going to rest, until I know he's okay.

I'm really hoping to write daily, it will all depend on how much rest I can give my body so that I'll be inspired to write. I do know that some of the most inspirational posts I've written were when I didn't always feel like writing.  This is different, this is because of physical limits though.

It's going to be a very busy week for me, I am working nine and half hour days for the next five days, then I am doing that two days next week to get caught up on my time.  I also have my Christmas shopping to do, which I think I will do on Wednesday, it may not be too busy... hahaha... I am sure it will be a mad house any day I go.  I am not looking forward to walking from one end of the store to another, oh well, I can do it... it's just mind over matter, right?

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. I'm sorry to hear you have to use a cane now. I hope your knee heals quickly. I can understand your worry with surgery for both you and David coming up soon. I hope all goes well for both of you.

  2. Hi Launna:
    I'm sending you some wonderful healing energy. You have a lot going on, so take care of yourself.
    You said to me that you would love to write and publish and now the universe is giving you 2 months to do this. Perhaps it is not the best situation, but you do get to do what you love. I'm excited to see what you write. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!!!

  3. don't worry about updating your blog
    though I always find it inspirational
    just take a good rest and you'll be able to write to your heart content when you've recovered enough

  4. Awe thank you Daisy... I always look forward to your comments... I look forward to a new post of yours, I set it up to email me when you do:)

  5. You are right Suzanne, the universe is giving me what I want... how about I aim for the highest thing and see if I can attain that too:)

  6. Sayid, I think you are so sweet to comment on my blog, I am glad I found your blog :)

  7. Kisses lovely Launa, I wish you a lovely Christams, may all your loved ones gather around you and make you happy :).

  8. Thank you SO much Petronela, I wish the same for you too;).

  9. Sorry to hear you are in such pain! Never a good thing during the holidays. The long work hours you keep sound horrendous--please be sure and rest up during the holidays, OK? I think it will be great that you'll have time to get caught up on reading and writing--sounds like heaven to me!!

  10. It is big to me Sayid, I appreciate every comment:)

  11. Thank you menopausal mama, I am resting as much as is humanly possible. I am the one making the horrendous hours at work due to missing last Friday, as a single mama I don't have the luxury of taking a day off without pay :)

  12. Exhausted and in pain is not good. You are having a hard time Launna. I wish you could rest and I hope you will over the holiday time if you manage to take time off work. Take care.

  13. Thank you Behind the Smile... I am taking two days off, I do plan to rest as much as possible but I do want to make this a nice Christmas for Valentina too:)


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